A Traveler’s Terrene

You only live once. What are you going to remember the most?

About January 21, 2008

“You only live once. What are you going to remember the most?”

This one little quote, this one special phrase has inspired, motivated and guided me on an incredible journey. For me, this quote changes two important things in my life. How I think and how I act. When I remind myself that I only have one shot at life, I start to think differently. My weaknesses, doubts, fears, and pettiness diminish. What is the point of living out these negative attributes when each day I have the blessed opportunity to be:


My actions change too. One, I try to be nicer to everyone I am around. What is the point of being mean , obnoxious or disrespectful? There isn’t a point, so I try not to do it. Two. I set goals for myself. All kinds of goals, from traveling to relationships to careers to personality traits that I want to change. Basically, any kind of goal to keep me working towards improving, bettering and pushing myself.

My goals are ways to help answer the continual life question of, “What am I going to remember the most?” What do I want to remember when I look back on my life? Good question. Honestly, I don’t know what the “what” is, but I do know that I want to be daring, take risks, challenge myself and aim high for whatever I am trying to achieve at that time. That is all I can ask and expect of myself.

Here is a list of goals I made when I started this blog in 2008:

Goal: Take an around the world trip
Complete! Travelled around the world for eight months. From February-October 2008 I explored: New Zealand, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Turkey, Croatia, Italy and England.
Goal: Live in another country for an extended period of time
Complete!: I have been living in Italy for over a year and have just renewed my visa for another year.
Goal: Become fluent in Italian
In progress: I double majored in Communications and Italian, and although it’s been four years since I’ve used my  Italian, it has definitely been a great base to build on. I am enrolled in Italian classes and almost all of my new Italian friends don’t or only speak limited English, so I am hoping to become fluent soon.
Goal: Write a fiction book
In progress: I have 40,000 words written and my goal is to finish the first draft by June 1.
Goal: Expand my website/new business ideas
In progress: Researching online business opportunities
Goal: Expand/develop my crazy list of inventions
In progress: Researching the market demand for a few of my ideas. If all goes well, the next step would be design and production!
Goal: Write a children’s book

ADDITIONAL NEW GOALS: (continuing my perpetual addiction to challenge myself to accomplish new things…)

Goal: Read 2-3 hours each day
Goal: Enter at least one poetry or writing contest per week
Goal: Participate in Script Frenzy, a 100 page screenplay event taking place in April
Goal: Blogpost at least 4-5 times a week
Goal: Read the news everyday and stay updated on current events
Goal: Workout at least 5 days a week
Goal: Take a modern dance or hip hop class
Goal: Take a painting class
Goal: Only fall in love with someone who is passionate about life and passionate about me
Goal: Get 5 written pieces (short stories, poems, articles) published by April 2009. Did not succeed.
Goal: Become comfortable with driving and parking a manual car on hills Complete!

I am sure my goals will change, expand and grow as I myself change, expand and grow.  I probably won’t achieve all my goals, but I am going to try.  Maybe I am addicted to perseverance? Maybe I don’t like to fail?  Or, maybe I know that I only have one ride so, why not!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Andy Says:

    Your’s is just about the best read on the internet. Not only because of the way you write but because it’s so honest and so real.

    I’ve been browsing thru a lot of your entries and it makes me happy to see someone finally living the life she always imagined. Oh did I mention how inspirational your stuff is?

    Keep up the good work. Ill be back soon. Right now I’m off to live the live I imagine!

    (New Delhi, India)

  2. Mary Kaye Hergert Says:

    I was so glad to fond your blog. Wish I had followed it on your travels. You have held on to the adventurous spirit you had as a little girl. Can’t wait to see you at the holidays!

  3. Masood Says:

    you chose the best way in your life
    I wish I can find some one for going around the world
    you won t waiste your time and money , beacuse of travling

  4. Patrick Says:


    I was at home with a cold and feeling sorry for myself when by complete random I came across your blog while looking at images of the Nubra Valley, Ladakh. I lost myself in your blog – travelled to exotic places, heard some words of inspiration and generally really enjoyed your honest, fun and inspirational writing. I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done and for sharing such wonderful writing (and your zest for life). I feel much better now … thanks for the inspiration.


  5. J Says:

    I’m completely lost, I’m 24 and I don’t know what’s my purpose in life. I have a decent job and been accepted into good schools but can’t seem to enjoy any of this. I have moments where I would love to live forever, but then I feel so down that I question the purpose of life. A friend recommended your bolg to me. I hope I get motivated by your posts. You seem to have found a very interesting way to live your life.

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