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Silence May 29, 2009

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When I get mad, upset or hurt I don’t show anger; instead, I become silent. I am a whisper in a crowded room. A shout into the wind.  A muted scream in a bad dream.

In the past few weeks silence has taken over me, eating my words like a starving dog and consuming every last morsel until I am left with nothing–even the bone is licked clean. Sparkling clean.

Writing is my therapy, yet I have ignored what I know is best for me because  that is who I am mad at.  My writing is like my lover and right now we are in a fight.  Instead of a heated argument, I choose to remain silent…brewing in anger…and shutting my words out.

But, now it is time to make amends.  Here are my promises to the writer in me:

I promise to be more accepting of your flaws.

To not expect to much when you are trying your best.

To let you relax and not constantly push you.

To support you, and help you overcome your doubts.

To be patient with you and let you write at your own speed.

To believe in you.


Pursuing your Passions May 4, 2009

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Pursuing your passions is not easy. In fact, it is hard work. Yet, as all athletes know, the sweat, tears or injuries are well worth the sacrifice for that moment of glory when you win the game. The feeling is orgasmic. Brief, powerful and gives you insurmountable pleasure and a hunger to feel that way again–if only for a moment.

“But, why live your life devoting so much time and effort towards achieving a feeling that only lasts a moment?” one may ask.

Well, a life lived without these pulses of glory is like making love without reaching a climax, it just doesn’t feel complete without it.

Let yourself pursue your passions, whatever they may be. The road you’re travelling may be taking you straight up hill, or a mountain even. You may be tired, hurt, want to rest or give up–but, don’t. Keep in mind all of the feelings that you know will consume your body when you reach the peak, and it will help motivate you to keep on pushing on.