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How To Sing Happy Birthday In Italian (And English) May 3, 2011

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Happy Birthday Laura!!!

How To Sing Happy Birthday In Italian!
Tanti Auguri a te,
Tanti Auguri a te,
Tanti Auguri a (insert name),
Tanti Auguri a te!

Come Si Canta La Canzone Di Buon Compleanno In Inglese
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear (inserite un nome)
Happy Birthday to you!


Italian Easter Roadtrip May 2, 2011

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50 Reasons to Take a Mini-Retirement Now #44 March 5, 2010

Technology masks tradition.

When I was traveling throughout Southeast Asia, some of my favorite photos I took were of men and women working in rice paddy fields.  I walked past many rice farmers dressed in pointy straw hats, their ankles deep in mud, as they threw stalks of rice into the ground of a steep mountain slope.  It was nothing I had ever seen before. It was serene, it was beautiful.

Now flash forward to the future and imagine a rice planting machine. It is not as serene, nor so beautiful. On one hand, I am a proponent of technology because the work, for rice farmers in Southeast Asia today and other parts of underdeveloped nations who are using traditional methods, is extremely laborious and tedious taking away  time spent with family and friends.  However, with that being said, witnessing first hand these traditional methods while they still exist is indescribable, and is something I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have seen in my lifetime, because, like everything in this world, change is inevitable.


50 Reasons to Take a Mini-Retirement Now: #45 March 2, 2010

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Taking a risk is better than living with a “what if” that will haunt you until you die.

Whatever kind of trip or mini-life-pause your thinking about, do it now. It’s like meeting a really hot guy/girl in a bar, on a park bench or in line for a sandwich and you want to talk to him/her, but, for what ever reason, you let the moment pass and he/she walks away.   There is nothing worse than living with the heartache that something could have happened.

That feeling sucks.  Now multiple that by a million, and that’s the sensation you will feel when you are on your deathbed looking back at your life.  It won’t be heartaching, it will be heartbreaking.


50 Reasons to Take a Mini-Retirement Now: #46 February 25, 2010

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Make the world how you want it.

My dad owned his own business. Yet, since we were young he always preached these words, “Flying is my dream, you need to pursue your own.”  He never expected us to get involved with taking over the business, in fact he deterred it.  He wanted me, and my brothers, to find our own path, to make the world how we want it–to do the things that we wanted to do. To think big then work hard towards achieving our own goals.  To blaze our own trails instead of following the beaten path.  This type of support is priceless. I have the world as my canvas, and the freedom to paint any picture I can imagine.

Often times, we have people in our lives, or society in general, that expect certain things from us. They hold us to a certain caliber, constricting our ability to create the world how we want to imagine it. Instead, we need to conform to what already exists.

My question to you is, why? Why listen to others when this is your world too, you can lead it how you see fit. Why feel guilty if you want to break free from the typical constraint of school>university>marriage>kids>house/dog>35 years of working>retire> lifestyle?

If you could wholeheartedly choose without any influence or pressure….how would you live your life? Imagine it, then do it; because, in the end, why the hell not! It’s your life.


“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”--Helen Keller


Top Five Moments November 13, 2009

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When someone says that you are in one of their top five moments in life, that could possibly be one of the best compliments ever said.  Think about it. How many moments do we make each day? Each week? Each year? How many memories do we hold in our intricate minds? To collect only five is a hard task to choose from, there are so many! Surely, these five moments can change like our list of five top favorite songs; however, like music there are some songs that I hold dear to my heart, that make me smile, that relax me when times are bad and put life back into perspective. Like a good song, so are our moments. They are memories of who we are, what we feel, and above all else how we lived fully in that moment in time.


The Life I Once Lived January 9, 2009

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First off, I just want to say THANK YOU Aaron Timm! There have been so many recent days that I have just wanted to give up on writing my blog, but seeing words of encouragement reminds me how much I actually do sharing my thoughts and words with the world. Thank you Aaron for your constant words of encouragement, you already know, but again your support is priceless and has been like fuel to a slowly fading fire.

So…I’ve blogged about what I have been doing since I have been home, but haven’t touched on what I have been feeling since I’ve been back. How does it feel to be gone for 10 months traveling the globe and living abroad then to re-enter the life I once lived?

Since I’ve been back in the states it’s been like a floodgate of emotions have opened inside me and frankly it’s been hard to control them. On one hand my heart is overflowing with happiness to be around my loving family, wonderful friends and beautiful Seattle; on the other hand, I feel disjointed and overwhelmed.

Wandering around  Seattle and the East side is an emotional roller coaster. I pass a park where I use to lay in the sun and read. I smile. I drive past my old apartment where my heart was broken. My insides ache. I walk into my favorite bar which holds a thousand drunken memories. I laugh. I sit on a wooden sidewalk bench where I was kissed.  Internal butterflies soar. I idle on the bridge, the water glistens in the sun and the boats below putter by. I yearn for summer days and recklessness. There are so many forgotten memories that escape me as I venture throughout my old stomping grounds, it’s like I am not in the present but watching a twilight rerun of events.

Driving in my car, every turn, corner, street, exit or vista reminds me of my life before I left to travel. It’s my past flashing before my eyes but in real time. It is the same, but different–like my friends, we laugh together as if no time has past, but the onset of wrinkles around our eyes, a few pounds shed or gained and a new haircut reveals that time has elapsed.

Then I leave the familiar city streets to take comfort in my old belongings. I open my dresser drawer and see clothes I use to wear   My clothes still fit me like they did before but they feel like a stranger’s wardrobe. I feel disconnected with the things I own, I no longer have an attachment towards them.

Past emotions and feelings I once held also return with full force…which sometimes leaves even me bewildered. “Did I just say that?” I think to myself. “I don’t even feel that way.”  But, regardless words come out of my mouth–words that I would have said before I left on my trip, but not now. It’s like I have become a ventriloquist to an alter me–the me from a year ago.

It’s quite ironic that I was half-way done with this blog post when I took a break and went to run errands with my sister-in-law and she, independently, brought up this same topic of conversation, in the sense that  surroundings and people directly affect one’s personality and demeanor.  Think about how different you act when you go home to your parent’s house for the holidays, you play the role of a child; when you see an old high school or college friend you haven’t seen in a long time, you play out the old nickname they once called you; when you get together with a former girlfriend/boyfriend, you become lost momentarily in past feelings and emotions, making you say or do things you currently wouldn’t do.

It would be weird to watch myself on a big screen right now–my life as a movie. Being home, I am  filling past roles when, the real Cindy is back in Italy, where my heart and present life are waiting. And, although I wanted to bring pieces of it with me to share and tell, only so much can fit into a suitcase–leaving a lot of “me” a continent and an ocean away.