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Why are people so f’d up? June 5, 2009

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I just read the most disturbing news article, so horribly wrong that it literally moved me to tears. In summary, this article addresses a horrible myth perpetuated by Zimbabwe’s traditional healers: that a man raping a virgin can cure him of HIV or AIDS.

The theory is so completely impractical and absurd, it almost makes me wonder if these traditional healer’s are joking–but, alas, there is no punchline. Instead, in it’s place are thousands of girls some not even barely able to walk yet that are raped each year, leaving many infected with HIV or AIDS themselves. The worst report was of a day-old baby being raped.

My eyes now are filled again with tears. I seriously don’t understand. ….HOW…HOW…HOW…regardless of who tells you to do these acts, could one possibly rape a day old baby? Image a little baby girl right now. She is tiny, can’t even open her eyes, looks like a sweet little angel….

I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I am left completely speechless.


Life’s Possibilities… June 3, 2009

Before I begin this post, I would like to say a short prayer for the victims of a horrible car accident that took place last weekend.

God, I pray that you are with each person filling them with the strength and courage towards a fast recovery. Please help them to be okay.

Now…to start at the beginning.

I arrived at the local pool (which is turned into a bar/discoteca at night) with a group of friends, but since it is a small town ran into different friends and acquaintances I’ve met over the past few months living here.  On this particular night I saw a girl I met a month or so prior.  She has an extraordinary effervescent and friendly personality and is fun to be around so when she invited me to join her four girlfriends to go to another bar I momentarily thought about going–after all, I love spontaneity and what she was suggesting sounded like a lot of fun! However, after a moment’s consideration I decided to stay, after all I didn’t want to ditch the group of friends I originally came with.

“Definitely, another time,” I had said before they left.

The following afternoon I received a phone call from a mutual friend informing me there had been a car accident leaving all of them in the hospital. My first thought was for them—are they are okay? My second thought was a flashback to the night before–that could have been me….

One constant aspect of life is that there is always possibility. Possibilities are both a beauty and tragedy in one. Being an optimistic I tend to think more about the beautiful possibilities in life: finding true love, making new incredible friends, witnessing a natural event etc.

Yet, thinking about the negative things in life and what if scenarios are extremely important: what if the plane crashes, what if I choke on this food, what if I get in an accident and lose a limb? These are definitely not warm fuzzy feelings, but it helps to reign in to the present and to GIVE THANKS for everything you have in this moment: my plane didn’t crash, I’m not choking and I have my arms and legs in tact. In this moment, I give thanks for the beautiful life I am living. In this moment, I forget about stress from work or petty feelings towards a friend.  In this moment I remember that here, right now, I am extremely fortunate for all that I have because from a moment from now–everything can change.