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Reorganization April 4, 2008

Instead of boring you with my “journal” style writing I’m going to convert back to my original intention of using this blog to share travel tips in addition to posting creative writing and opinions.  I’m sure more catagories will be created as I travel, but here is a quick list of the types of information I plan to write about and how I’m going to categorize it so you as the reader can filter out the information you want (or don’t want) to read.

::General Travel Tips::

As the name suggest, anything and everything related to travling. Take it with a grain of salt, as these things worked for me but may not fit the needs of everyone.

::Country Specific Travel Tips::

Insider information related to the specific country, towns, and tourist or local activities.


Memorable experiences


No matter how beautiful the scenery, it is the people you meet, the experiences you share and the knowledge that they bestow on you that truly impacts and changes a travellers life. This section is dedicated to the amazing people I have met along the road that have touched my heart in some special way.


Opinions about the places I go, the things I see and the information I hear.



5 Weeks Missing but I’m Alive!

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You may have been thinking that I fell of the face of the earth. I didn’t. But, I did canyon swing head first off the edge of a cliff, ice climb up a glacier’s sparkling blue crevace, gallop a horse through a green valley, parcitipate in a sushi-making competition, kayak in deep blue water surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls, rock climb on Castle Hill admist the NZAC bouldering competition, and hike for a total of 50+ hours along lush forrest paths, snow packed mountains and golden sandy beaches.  As you can imagine, dragging myself to an internet cafe to sit stationary in front of an eye-straining computer screen has not been high on my list of priorities. However, I do want to share my experiences, thoughts and advice so in the next few days I hope to publish as many posts as I can, so stay tuned!