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Daily Challenge: Kickin’ the bad habits November 20, 2008

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I hate, no, rather detest the word “like”, as in, “like I really like hate that word.”  Yet, unfortunately this word proliferates itself in my daily speech as those damn dandelions in the grass, which if you fail to root the first one out from the start, they multiple by the dozen each day and before you know it your whole lawn is taken over by dandelions–then of course, you become that neighbor that the rest of the neighborhood secretly hates because it makes their perfectly manicured lawn look bad. “By God!” They sneer, “Mow your f’ing lawn”… well, the husbands would say that anyway, the housewives would say something like, “Sally, did you drive past the Henderson’s house, their yard is simply a disaster! We have our reputation to withhold you know, we should add a section on proper lawn care to this months neighborhood newsletter. We just can’t let this continue, it would be a catastrophe!” 

So my challenge to myself today is to make a conscience effort when I speak to not use the word “like”. You with me? Your challenge today is to also try to kick a bad habit…and don’t pretend as though you don’t have any, that’s right, I’m talking to you “gum smacker, soup slurping, interrupting, um-talker”.