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Vietnam: Delat July 24, 2008

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Delat: Delat is often described by guide books as looking similar to the French Alps in the springtime–they weren’t lying. The fresh crisp air was a stark contrast to anywhere else we have been in Southeast Asia. Since we’ve spent most of our days “glistening” from the humidity (a nicer term to describe “sweating our pores out and looking like we’ve just ran a 100 meter sprint “), Suzanne and I wholeheartedly welcomed the difference in climate and greatly anticipated the opportunity for comfortably trekking outdoors. During our second day in Delat, we had signed up for the famous “Easy Rider” tour and spent the day on a back of a motorcycle cruising past rice paddies, vegetable and flower farms and coffee plantations. As you can imagine I was quite content riding through paradise with the cool wind blowing through my hair like the girl from Top Gun (ha..ha..actually not quite as glamorous, because yes Mom, I did have a helmet on:-) )

During the tour, we made a detour to a mountain where, kid you not, I probably could have kneeled and kissed the ground as I was so happy to be climbing again (Mark, get ready you have a new climbing partner!) Later on that afternoon, we stopped at a minority village where Suz and I tried to decipher the broken English of a tribe elder, and although we couldn’t make out what he was saying half the time, we did understand what he meant when he had us try the local rice wine which he stored in a pottery vase covered with grains of rice to keep in the moisture. We took a sip of this delicious wine through a plastic tube that resembled the kind you use to brew homemade beer.

We ended the tour by stopping at a flower farm filled with rows of vibrant orange and red Gerber daisies, sauntered through a garden filled with a variety of bonsai trees and was sprayed by the runaway splashes of a giant waterfall.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful day.