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Building Character February 1, 2008

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I am obsessed with convertibles. I love the wind, the sense of freedom, and the eyes of envy that other drivers bestow on me while sitting at a stoplight on a warm summer day.  Even in the Seattle cold, if you turn on the heater and roll down the top the drive to work goes from a dreary commute to an exciting cruise through winter paradise. There is just something about convertibles that are simply magical. 

Even more magical is the concept of combining both a convertible and sunroof into one car. Now, that is perfection! My dream car is an Audi A4 convertible with sunroof included.

Although Audi does not make this model (yet), I am dreaming of the day when I can throw down the top and take a summer cruise along the ocean, roll back the sunroof for a short trip to the coffee shop or use my 4-wheel drive to trek up the mountains to go snowboarding.

However that is my dream and my reality is that I drive an ’89 Honda Accord. Yet, I am fine with this. A new car is not on my list of current goals. My goal is to travel and in order to reach this I sacrifice my dignity by driving a car who’s driver side door is a different color white, whose defrosters don’t work and steam up my windows like a sauna and whose battery dies in the middle of traffic. I’ve even had to crawl through the passenger side door to get into my car when thieves broke my driver side handle. Talk about embarrassing!


Going on roughly 269,000 miles,this car has been through it all and has taken me along for the ride. We have driven thousands of miles, skid on ice, taken road trips, gotten hit by cars and been laughed at by many pedestrians. I hate this car, but love this car for what it is allowing me to do and what it has taught me about myself. This car humbles me each day and reinforces the fact that you should not judge people on what they have or don’t have, as this is often misleading and moreover wrong.

A car is a lot like your outer skin. It protects you against danger, is a first impression to strangers, comes in different colors and is bound to have scratches or imperfections. So, before you judge a person by their car, remember that person driving the beater could be a CEO and the person driving a Porsche could just be a driver in debt.

::To my dad, Robert and my brother Mark who, countless times have had to fix my car, find me new driver side doors (twice!) and pick me up when I’ve been stranded, thank you!::