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Paulo Coelho: An Inspiration January 22, 2009

Typically when I read, I have a pen in hand and am marking up the novel with notations, circling quotes and underlining phrases that move me in some way–all which I later transfer to a writing journal where I draw on for inspiration or examples of writing styles. There are some books where the pen never makes a mark in the novel, and there are others, like The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho, where the entire book is littered with black and blue ink.

It is not big words, intricate plots, or elaborate description that inspire me, rather it is the underlying message. The style of writing in, The Alchemist, is simplistic, the setting well described but not over-descriptive but the message–the message, is powerful.  The underlying message to not be paralyzed by fear in the path of your dreams pervades throughout the novel.  I connect to this message like a mussel to a rock. My fingers can not turn the pages quick enough as I devour the text in gulps, not stopping for air until I consume the last word–my body is full, my soul is satisfied and my mind digests the words I just read.

Books that captivate my attention are those that I can relate to.  I know I’ve come across an excellent novel when I read a paragraph or a quote that mirrors the thoughts that have been stored in my head but never transcribed onto paper–it feels as though the writer is in my mind, pulling out this information and presenting my own words to me! A little eerie, yes…but also comforting in knowing that others share the same beliefs and ideas.

Of Coelho’s books, I’ve read The Alchemist and Veronika Decides to Die, and I plan to pick up the rest of his books in the next few weeks. I’ve also downloaded The Way of the Bow, Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren and The Warrior of Light, which Paolo offers as free! .pdf downloads off of his blog: http://paulocoelhoblog.com/internet-books/

If there are books or authors who inspire you, please leave a comment with suggestions as I would love to extend my ongoing reading list!


One Response to “Paulo Coelho: An Inspiration”

  1. Maria Says:

    Cindy, those books are my bibles!!!! First time I read the alchmist was on my first travels and I found the book, in swedish, in a hostel in australia exactly at the right time when I needed it!!!Its like you said, full of underlines and black ink hihihi!!! And now its going with me everywhere so I can remind myself of that truth thats in the book and in me. Its a perfect gift to people too. One guy called eskil who I gave the book to, put it after he had read it in his friends mailbox (cause the friend had a hard time) and the friend one or two years later met eskil in town by accident and told Eskil that that book changed his life. After he read it, he decided to dare leaving his small hometown, went to norway and had the time in his life plus met the love of his life! Cute I think, amazing how Paolo Coelho manage to touch so many people hearts and changed so many peoples lives!!!

    But the one I found in the hostel I can’t give away. Now it has a “wish” from Paolo Coelho to elliot in it so I will give it to elliot when he is older and hopefully Elliot will follow his path and his dreams 😉 . My favourites are the alchemist and veronica decides to die but you have lots of more good reading to do by coelho. His books are so good!!! Good to hear about the free samples on his website. Will have a look! Will need that now! Other good books (but its not by coelho) is siddharta by Hermann Hesse. And tuesdays with morrie is cute! By Coelho I liked, like I said, the alchemist and Veronica decides to die but also the Zahir (don’t know how to spell it in english), the witch from portobello and…I don’t remember the third one… Well, well, they are probably all on his website.

    I should read the alchemist now actually, so good, you see, you always inspire me!!! I think I told Mark in christchurch to read the alchemist. Tell him to read it!



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