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I’m back! June 23, 2008

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Unfortunately, the past few months I have spent more time updating my vivid daily journal and have been horrible at keeping my blog updated. But, by popular request (or actually stern prodding by my brother Mark), I promise to keep this updated more regularly so I can share the remainder of my travel experiences with family, friends, and fellow travelers. My great intentions to have this as a resourceful travel blog for other travelers may have to wait until I take my next round the world trip (and surprisingly yes, I’m already scheming it), as below I have just provided a number of posts recapping memorable moments in New Zealand (South Island), China, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. Enjoy!

Where am I now? Suzanne and I arrived in Vietnam a few days ago and are heading down to the Mekong River Delta for three days to view the floating villages and explore more of the countryside before returning to Ho Chi Minh City. Stay tuned for more details!


One Response to “I’m back!”

  1. Ramsey Says:

    Swain! I love reading about your travels…it definitely gets my wheels turning thinking about taking a similair trip! I’ll have to pick your brain when you get back 🙂 Travel safe!

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